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CNC turning large series

We turn forgings, castings and machined parts from a bar.

CNC turning in large series is primarily process efficiency and stability

At RADMOT, serial production is fully automated.

High Mix – Low Volume

We produce a diverse portfolio of mechanical parts thanks to the extensive machinery park.

The highest production quality

We produce in accordance with IATF 16949

CNC turning – Technology

Choosing the right CNC turning technology is our priority. We do have extremely broad experience in production of mechanical parts for a wide range of industries. We approach the selection of the entire production technology very professionally: we carefully select the machine tool, tools, parameters and the product control plan.

CNC turning according to specific requirements from customer

In the process, we use technical drawing and we follow the additional requirements coming from the customer. We work according to the APQP methodology and we take into account the guidelines of quality assurance systems: ISO 9001: 2015 and IATF 16949. Thanks to this we are able to provide the highest quality CNC turning service.

CNC turning – support of CAx systems

When preparing the machining process, we use modern CAx systems such as CAD SolidWorks and CAM: EdgeCAM. The use of the best systems on the market reduces programming time and allows faster delivery of the orders.

CNC turning – process optimization

We attach great importance to the optimization of NC programs and machining parameters. This allows us to achieve the highest production efficiency. Process optimization is also necessary to automate the production process. Currently, over 80% of all our lathes are automated.

CNC lathes – universal, versatile and automated machine park

Versatile and universal machine park allows us to efficiently produce the same components on different machines. Thanks to this, we are flexible and we can quickly respond to customers’ needs. Due to production automation, we achieve high production efficiency while maintaining low costs.

    Machine tool performance due to good work organization and automation

    Our machine park is used to the maximum of its capacity that is why over 80% of our lathes are automated or equipped with a bar feeder. Such a solution ensures economical and efficient CNC machining of your parts.

    The biggest advantages of our CNC turning

    • We use the latest CAD/CAM software that reduces the time to prepare the offer, programming and the risk of errors
    • We use the most modern cutting tools to maintain the highest CNC turning performance
    • We work on precise and reliable turning centers: Okuma, EMAG, Hyundai WIA, Tsugami, DMG Gildemeister
    • We use appropriate measuring means, including coordinate measuring machines (CMM) and optical devices to ensure 100% measurement accuracy
    • We turn parts with tolerance even below 0.02 mm – precise, batch machining is our specialty
    • We have an experienced team of specialists that guarantees professional service for every order
    • We carry out Statistical Process Control integrated with measuring machines

    Materials from which we process parts:

    • Aluminium
    • Steel
    • High-grade steel
    • Copper
    • Brass

    We machine:

    • Forgings
    • Castings
    • Rods up to 65 mm
    • Rods up to 220 mm in diameter, cut and then processed in the chuck
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