We engaged all employees who, by implementing their processes, contribute to achieving our common goal – customer satisfaction. We understand that quality is not the result of one decision, but an effectively functioning system of which every employee is part. Therefore, to meet the requirements of our clients we build specially dedicated teams of specialists.

For the sake of quality, we use tools and methods to improve it. We run Statistical Process Control (SPC). We make sure that our Measuring Systems provides reliable results using MSA analysis. We use TQM techniques depending on the challenges and problems we face, which we always try to measure.

Measuring tools




Surface roughness meter by Mahr MahrSurf XR1/SD26

roughness measuring device

Surface roughness meter by Mahr MahrSurf XR10/SD26

roughness measuring device


quick 2D measuring device

Contour measuring device by Mahr MahrSurf/ PCV200 XC20,

device for contour measurement of parts

Contour measuring device Mahr

device for contour measurement of parts

Coordinate-measuring machine CMM Wenzel

3D measuring machine

Opticline Contour 914 Hommel Etamic C914

3D optical scanning device

Hardness tester

device for material hardness measurement

Vici Vision MTL ERGON 500

3D optical scanning device

Vici Vision MTL 1

3D optical scanning device


device for analysis of the material chemical composition

Measuring bar Mitutoyo LH-600E (3 pieces)

Devices measuring the linear dimensions of parts

Ultra-sonic flaw detector

Device for conducting non-destructive material testing methods


CNC Turning

CNC Milling

Machine Park