Our specialization is machining: turning and CNC milling.

It is also our passion which we have been constantly developing for the last 35 years.

What is so special about us?

  • broad range of production capabilities

  • great flexibility of our machine park

  • experience in parts production for various industries: automotive, machine, medical and even premium design products

  • market awareness and good understanding of demands of Polish and Western European customers

  • impeccable quality of parts and great aesthetic results

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Complex and universal

We treat our customers’ demands comprehensively. No matter if you are looking for a supplier of single reference parts, a group of parts or high-volume production, we are flexible and open for all types of orders.

Our work is our passion

We are passionate about what we do. Our team is constantly undergoing professional development and sets more and more challenging targets. Most of our specialists were gaining experience gradually, step by step – starting from vocational education as lathe or milling-machine operators, then actually working as machine operators, and, finally, moving on to technological, quality control and sales departments as specialists.

Meeting your expectations

The core of our business is turning and CNC milling. To meet your expectations we:

  • offer professional advice as early as at the stage of building machines and instruments to ensure maximum functionality of the products and production efficiency
  • work with reliable and trusted suppliers of surface treatments who are able to fill almost any order, even the most demanding ones
  • offer assembly of component groups
  • do laser engraving
  • build customised production equipment to maximize production efficiency 
  • have a certified system of quality management ISO 9001.

Radmot special forces

Putting together our machining services and services of our subsuppliers we are able to fill orders which require the following:

  • metal surface finishing (anodizing, galvanization, nickel plating, phosphate coatings, lacquering, etc.)
  • heat treating (vacuum heat treatment, nitriding, carburizing, etc.)
  • metal finishing.

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