Indexed and simultaneous 5-axis CNC milling

Automatic indexing and 5-axis simultaneous

5-axis machining allows the production of parts requiring the highest precision, with the most complex geometry. Due to the fact that the mechanical part is usually machined in only one clamping, it is possible to produce parts with dimensional accuracy even below 0.02 mm.

5-axis milling: we offer cost-effective production of parts for many industries

We deliver Indexed and simultaneous 5-axis milling to many industries – including automotive, aviation, medical, electrotechnical or optical.

Experience and efficient cnc machine mean efficient production and higher profits

Our years of experience is a great benefit for our customers. The use of modern machine tools and the latest CAM software allows to quickly and effectively start the production of parts for our customers, enabling economical production.

Why use 5-axis simultaneous milling?

First and foremost – efficient production!

5-axis milling technology enables all five sides of the workpiece to be machined in one go. The more geometrically complicated the parts are produced, the more benefits professional 5-axis milling brings. Parts that would alternatively have to be machined in several operations using 3 or 4-axis milling technology are processed much faster, more accurately and more efficiently on 5-axis machines.

Powerful machine tools working for the success of your company

Simultaneous 5-axis milling requires the use of the best equipment, specialized engineering software as well as appropriate tools. We know the importance of the reliability of the devices we work on, which is why we provide the best-performing Hermle machines on the market and the state-of-the-art CAM HyperHill system. We are an experienced team of technologists and operators who care about every detail of the production process. This professional milling ecosystem allows us to maintain high quality of machined surfaces, quick lead time and effective solutions for our clients.

The advantages of 5-axis CNC milling:

  • We use the most modern CAM software, designed for simultaneous 5-axis machining – HyperMill
  • We use the most modern cutting tools
  • We work on precise and reliable milling centres of Hermle and Fanuc
  • Our operators have over 15 years of experience in 5-axis milling
  • We mill parts with a tolerance of even less than 0.02 mm

    We offer 5-axis milling on the following materials:

    • Aluminium (processing of full material and castings)
    • Copper
    • Brass
    • Plastics, e.g. POM.

    We process parts with maximum dimensions on our 5-axis milling centres:

    500 mm x 500 mm x 350 mm and weight up to 5 kg

    Reduce production time, improve efficiency, increase profits!

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